Spellings sorted by weighted frequency

See here and here for details of the phonemic notation used in column 4.  The example words are the five most common words (based on the British National Corpus word frequency list) using the spelling.  If there were fewer than 5 common words, representative uncommon words were added where possible.

1551615012nnand, in, not, on, an
1492113848ttto, that, it, not, at
95238923iiin, it, is, with, this
75896630ddand, had, do, would, said
6964264thDthe, that, with, this, they
68569038ssthis, so, said, some, its
654410499lLlike, only, also, look, last
63565557aand[weak], a[weak], an[weak], about, another
61953934oof[weak], to[weak], into[weak], question, second
60944879e~have, are, one, there, more
56256245mmfrom, more, them, some, him
48995108aathat, as, at, had, can
46526618rrfrom, right, through, three, great
43466175ppup, people, put, place, part
42141859ethe[weak], even, government, system, problem
42066216ckcan, could, because, come, case
40934498bbbe, by, but, been, about
40404615eewhen, them, then, well, get
33831134szis, was, as, his, has
33323202fffor, from, if, first, after
3324955eIthe[strong], be, he, she, we
30661717hhhave, he, his, had, her
30071363wwwas, with, will, we, would
26942798vvhave, over, very, even, give
24134354yonly, any, very, many, company
24083379erRother, over, after, government, under
23952751oonot, on, got, problem, policy
19342007eibecause, between, before, report, example
193419fvof, out-of-date, matter-of-fact, right-of-way, unheard-of
16782697uubut, up, just, such, much
15431883oOso, no, only, go, over
14451291iYI, right, I'm, might, high
14282042gggo, get, got, good, give
13531500llLwill, all, well, still, call
11831296ngGbeing, long, something, during, things
11452755ipolicy, authority, minister, community, individual
11231204kklike, look, work, make, take
10171964aEchange, later, information, taken, able
1002984i_eYlike, time, life, while, quite
9971153a_eEmake, made, take, place, case
964677orRfor[weak], information, labor, major, history
9231047orror, form, report, order, support
9001413tiXinformation, national, position, action, education
892604chCwhich, such, much, change, each
816122yyyou, your, years, yeah, year
8051004shXshe, should, she's, show, British
804226oufrom, other, government, another, company
794776thTthink, through, three, both, thought
771672cesplace, service, since, face, once
752145whwhich, what, when, where, while
7369auwas, what, wasn't, what's, somewhat
7261107cspercent, council, policy, center, process
704550eeIsee, between, three, need, seem
7022142ebusiness, interest, market, believe, society
659441yYby, my, why, try, type
647501ouWout, about, found, without, around
612853arArpart, party, start, large, far
591288aall, also, call, small, always
5891643sssbusiness, less, possible, process, across
585577er&her, service, person, terms, certain
542279ayEmay, way, say, day, away
5311047leLpeople, little, example, possible, able
528500eaIeach, mean, least, reason, means
518360gh~right, through, thought, might, high
51577ouUyou, through, group, throughout, you'll
432109l~would, could, should, talk, half
42977oUdo, two, who, doing, who's
424828uuntil, support, suggest, education, industry
39312a_eahave, relaxed, morale, chorale, comrade
389383s$years, things, days, terms, means
383423jjjust, John, job, subject, major
378470o_eOthose, home, whole, hope, role
375244owOknow, own, show, follow, following
370410aiEclaim, available, main, wait, training
368244owWnow, how, down, however, power
364547xksnext, six, expect, experience, tax
359330gejchange, large, range, charge, language
3569ouVwould, could, should, wouldn't, couldn't
347818gjgeneral, suggest, manager, region, German
342314olong, off, often, cost, offer
33951o_eusome, come, something, become, done
3341304iperiod, experience, various, association, material
332148w~two, who, whole, answer, whose
318342fffoff, different, offer, office, effect
315724uUindividual, actually, including, student, situation
31131er_eerthere, where, there's, therefore, somewhere
303728ckkback, black, attack, pick, check
297463tttlittle, better, matter, attempt, committee
2942ar_eArare, aren't
289556ifamily, council, possible, similar, financial
279454arRaround, particular, standard, particularly, similar
26921eyEthey, they've, survey, they'll, they'd
257331pppsupport, appear, happen, approach, application
248403uyUcommunity, future, human, union, university
246129or_ermore, before, therefore, store, score
245585dwanted, provided, decided, agreed, paid
239298eaehead, already, health, death, measure
239220ooVlook, good, took, book, stood
226274tCactually, future, century, situation, nature
22616o_ewuone, someone, anyone, everyone, oneness
225333qukwquestion, quite, require, quality, quickly
224473i_eigive, live, alternative, effective, conservative
221101eariryears, year, appear, clear, near
212144or&work, world, word, working, worker
204309ur&turn, further, return, church, occur
2036aiesaid, again, against, aforesaid, unsaid
199358ooUtoo, school, room, food, soon
196177ir&first, girl, third, firm, sir
191355edused, involved, concerned, considered, prepared
188265arerarea, parent, necessary, secretary, various
17488e_eIthese, complete, we're, scheme, evening
17412aeany, many, anything, anyone, anyway
170106ewUnew, view, knew, news, review
1683eeibeen, speedometer, has-been
1645eirertheir, heir, theirs, heirloom, heiress
159277chkschool, scheme, technology, character, technique
155263mmmcommunity, committee, common, commission, comment
152106u_eyUuse, used, useful, huge, contribute
149166u_eUinclude, rule, reduce, June, introduce
147215nkGkthink, bank, thinking, thank, link
14771k~know, knew, known, knowledge, knowing
146307uyparticular, particularly, population, argument, popular
145105ur_eRfuture, nature, structure, picture, measure
143125i_eservice, office, practice, notice, promise
132575zzorganization, realize, recognize, size, magazine
128184ciXsocial, special, especially, financial, official
125121iyview, million, union, review, behavior
12475ouucountry, young, enough, couple, trouble
123662ouvarious, serious, previous, obviously, obvious
123141aowant, watch, wanted, quality, whatever
12211nnisn't, wasn't, hadn't, wouldn't, hasn't
121173erervery, American, America, experiment, experimental
119243nnnplanning, running, beginning, announce, gonna
11999ar_eershare, care, aware, prepared, software
116149uVput, full, pull, July, push
116130a_eilanguage, management, village, manage, image
11648ourrcourse, four, court, source, resources
110253earea, create, maybe, museum, nuclear
107420phfphone, physical, telephone, photograph, phase
10624ourVryour, yourself, tour, yours, tourist
102184oiQpoint, join, avoid, oil, joint
101140erirperiod, experience, series, material, serious
10112au_ebecause, cause, 'cause, pause, clause
1012er_e&were, weren't
9854ear&early, research, heard, earth, learning
94125sworks, books, rights, looks, effects
9489es$times, themselves, sales, lines, miles
93166a_eprivate, appropriate, immediately, separate, purchase
91167ngGgEngland, English, language, single, finger
89261yisystem, physical, typical, symptom, symbol
8917o_eUmove, whose, prove, movement, improve
8854ea_eIleave, please, release, increased, increase
87137urRcentury, natural, Saturday, survive, injury
84177oaOroad, approach, goal, boat, loan
83284audaughter, Paul, launch, caught, August
8317ourWrour, hours, hour, ourselves, ours
81110cckaccount, accord, occur, occasion, accused
80114airerair, hair, chairman, chair, fair
8092siJdecision, division, version, television, occasion
8085xgzexample, exist, exactly, existing, examine
7888ir_eYrrequire, fire, Ireland, requirement, desire
782eoIpeople, townspeople
77163dddadd, middle, address, suddenly, addition
75149awlaw, saw, draw, drawing, drawn
7594oyQboy, royal, enjoy, employment, employee
7182ssiXprofessional, commission, discussion, expression, Russian
70140edused, increased, developed, finished, fixed
7050ueUissue, true, due, blue, revenue
6827ouOthough, although, shoulder, soul, borough
6622outhought, brought, bought, ought, sought
63178ararcharacter, apparently, characteristic, Paris, guarantee
6281ieIfield, series, chief, species, belief
6270arrwar, award, warm, quarter, warn
6236er_eirhere, merely, here's, atmosphere, severe
59143tchCwatch, match, kitchen, switch, stretch
5967g~design, sign, foreign, campaign, designer
5966djindividual, education, procedure, educational, module
5675arrarcarry, married, marriage, narrow, Harry
5629aiBritain, certain, certainly, mountain, captain
5616e_eeevery, everything, everyone, everybody, everywhere
5541eaEgreat, break, greatly, breakdown, outbreak
5520ahyeah, pariah, Messiah, Hanukkah, hallelujah
5279t~often, listen, Christmas, castle, mustn't
5197dgjknowledge, judge, budget, edge, judgment
5183ou_eWhouse, household, mouse, arouse, warehouse
5045sJusually, measure, usual, pleasure, unusual
4987gugleague, colleague, guide, guest, guarantee
4975eymoney, beyond, journey, valley, abbey
4921ueyUvalue, continue, argue, continued, values
48218aAfather, drama, Iraq, ha, calm
4837ie_eIbelieve, achieve, piece, achievement, relieved
4675i_eIpolice, machine, magazine, regime, routine
4557urVrduring, insurance, rural, jury, assurance
44112iestudies, married, facilities, worried, studied
4361irRdirector, direct, directly, direction, directive
437ohOoh, prohibition, uh-oh, kohlrabi, aloha
4254ieYdie, lie, tie, applied, satisfied
422oeudoes, doesn't
4063o_eEurope, purpose, developed, welcome, abandoned
3862h~hours, hour, Thomas, exhibition, honor
3838ur_eVrsure, ensure, surely, temperature, assured
3722tiCquestion, Christian, suggestion, questionnaire, congestion
3720ssXissue, pressure, tissue, assurance, assured
36131scsscience, scene, discipline, scientific, scientist
3631eiIeither, neither, protein, Neil, leisure
3630sXsure, ensure, insurance, surely, sugar
3623ghfenough, laugh, tough, rough, roughly
3557eiEeight, weight, neighbor, eighty, eighteen
31150iItechnique, Ian, via, unique, machinery
3124oi_eQvoice, choice, noise, voiced, spoiled
3115uiibuilding, built, build, builder, rebuild
3061b~doubt, debt, climb, bomb, undoubtedly
3020ewyUfew, Matthew, nephew, pewter, curfew
2991ncGkfunction, distinction, uncle, distinct, junction
2952irYrenvironment, environmental, inquiry, Irish, desirable
2919oorrdoor, floor, doorway, outdoor, doorknob
2910uibusiness, busy, businessman, busyness, busybody
28216mmcriticism, mechanism, enthusiasm, rhythm, capitalism
2732eyeYeye, eyebrow, eyesight, eyeball, eyewitness
2723arrRarrive, arrangement, arrange, arrest, arrival
266i~business, businessman, businesswoman, businesslike, agribusiness
264~it'll, it'd, would've, McCoy
2551uwlanguage, persuade, distinguish, distinguished, linguistic
2531xcksexcept, excellent, exception, exciting, exceed
2512ieefriend, friendly, friendship, girlfriend, boyfriend
253oiwomen, womenfolks, womenfolk
2465eerircareer, engineering, engineer, beer, peer
248ur_eyRfigure, failure, tenure, transfigure, figurehead
247euryVrEuropean, Europe, Eurasian, eureka, heuristic
23160gggstruggle, egg, Maggie, aggressive, aggression
232owuonce, once-over
2239ai_eEraise, detailed, trained, praise, sustained
2136our&encourage, journey, journal, journalist, encouraging
2136urr&current, currently, currency, occurrence, hurry
2116ioregion, regional, religion, fashion, fashionable
214ohoJohn, Johnny, demijohn, john
2066errererror, terrible, territory, Terry, terrace
2010ei_eIreceive, perceive, seize, conceive, deceive
1927acharacter, characteristic, characterize, purchaser, miracle
1922aimanager, orange, encouraging, damages, unacceptable
197auauthority, authoritarian, traumatic, authoritarianism, epaulet
1859uryVrsecurity, curious, bureau, bureaucracy, furious
1847oVwoman, wolves, wolf, policewoman, bosom
1833siXpension, tension, extension, expansion, controversial
1811eecommittee, coffee, coffeehouse, Frisbee, Yankee
187ou_eUyou've, route, rouge, reroute, coupe
183owarrtowards, toward, untoward
1769chXmachine, machinery, champagne, Charlotte, brochure
1737uiUsuit, suitable, fruit, recruit, pursuit
1731dforced, experienced, advanced, convinced, balanced
1672oarrboard, keyboard, roar, roaring, hoarse
1649irirspirit, Iraq, spiritual, Iran, spirits
1644er_eRconsidered, covered, scattered, endangered, unnumbered
1628cXspecies, appreciate, appreciation, associate, oceanic
167esminutes, notes, stakes, drapes, bagpipes
165u_eminutes, minute, up-to-the-minute, minuteman, last-minute
1531earerwear, bear, bearing, tear, swear
157orrorsorry, tomorrow, borrow, sorrow, sorrowful
1467quktechnique, unique, queue, opaque, bisque
1427ooublood, bloody, flood, bloodsucker, bloodstream
13121bbbrabbit, rubbish, abbey, rubber, lobby
1358earArheart, hearts, sweetheart, bighearted, heartless
136orecognize, recognition, recognizable, unrecognizable, recognizably
133uyYbuy, buyer, buyout
132eyrerthey're, eyrie
1231orrrcorridor, horror, correspondent, corresponding, lorry
127owoknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledged, knowledgeable, foreknowledge
126o_egone, undergone, begone, forgone, woebegone
1136yanalysis, anonymous, analyses, physique, synopsis
1131tXnegotiation, ratio, negotiate, differentiate, initiate
1128a_esurface, certificate, delegate, duplicate, biased
1124ur_eyVrsecure, pure, purely, cure, obscure
1112oorVrpoor, moor, mooring, poorly, spoor
1045p~psychological, psychology, cupboard, coup, psychologist
1024s~island, isle, rendezvous, aisle, debris
1010eyIkey, keyboard, low-key, keystroke, off-key
106aualaugh, aunt, laughter, laughingstock, laughable
104eiforeign, foreigner, decaffeinated, reveille
981eEregime, debut, ballet, cafe, decor
930oo_eUchoose, loose, goose, snooze, pooped
916urrRcurriculum, surround, surrounding, surrender, surroundings
912iaparliament, parliamentary, nostalgia, allegiance, theologian
98eauyUbeautiful, beauty, beautifully, beauteous, beauteously
96e_eicollege, privilege, sacrilege, underprivileged, renege
823orrRcorrect, correctly, corruption, correctness, corrosion
813oabroad, abroad, broadly, broadcast, broadsword
89reRwho're, acre, mediocre, massacre, wiseacre
86orr&worry, worried, worrying, worrisome, worrywart
722ee_eIcheese, squeeze, Greece, sleeve, breeze
714cqukwacquire, acquisition, acquit, unacquainted, acquiescent
711ahAah, shah, hurrah, blah, Brahman
711n~column, autumn, condemn, damned, hymn
77ia_eimarriage, carriage, remarriage, miscarriage, intermarriage
72eorrGeorge, Georgian
651irrirmirror, irrelevant, irresponsible, irrigation, irrational
622sciXconscious, consciousness, conscience, unconscious, luscious
620sszpossession, possess, possessed, dissolve, possessions
612xkXsexual, sexuality, sexually, homosexual, heterosexual
526oeOJoe, toe, mistletoe, tiptoe, toenail
523djjadjust, adjustment, adjacent, adjective, adjourn
519uryRaccurate, accuracy, accurately, configuration, mercury
59o~iron, laboratory, ironing, gridiron, ironware
54ayThursday, Tuesday, Murray, Whitsunday
456zzzjazz, puzzled, drizzle, fuzzy, buzzer
425i_emissile, hostile, mobile, virile, fertile
421eiYheight, heights, Fahrenheit, stein, kaleidoscopic
421ierirfierce, premier, pier, frontier, frontiers
411ioureligious, prodigious, prestigious, contagious, litigious
44d~Wednesday, handsome, handsomely, sangfroid
44ehIvehicle, vehement, vehemence, vehemently
317errRinterrupt, guerrilla, interruption, Mediterranean, aberration
316aurrLaura, Maurice, thesaurus, aura, dinosaur
313c~muscle, soccer, indict, flaccid, czar
312oeUshoe, canoe, horseshoe, shoelace, shoemaker
38aiportrait, bargain, Renaissance, chaplain, porcelain
38irYRiron, ironclad, gridiron, ironing, ironware
34dijsoldier, cordially, soldierly, cordial
34uicircuit, biscuit, circuitry, short-circuit
32aurRrestaurant, restaurateur
32qkIraq, Iraqi
228zsSwitzerland, pretzel, howitzer, waltz, seltzer
227euUneutral, neutrality, maneuver, rheumatism, pseudonym
227rhrrhythm, rhyme, rhododendron, rhetorical, rhapsody
227ypolymer, cylindrical, vinyl, urinalysis, polynomial
224geJgarage, sabotage, massage, beige, prestige
220a_eAgarage, sabotage, suave, massage, facade
218ghgghost, spaghetti, ghetto, ghostwriter, ghostly
213or_eRcolored, rumored, labored, armored, uncensored
212e_efrightened, unenlightened, unopened, jeweled, disheveled
210ceXocean, curvaceous, crustacean, licorice, oceanography
29arrrquarry, warrior, warrant, warranty, quarrelsome
29xzanxiety, Xerox, xylophone, xenophobic, xerography
29yeYbye, good-bye, dye, bye-bye, lye
28uyVrefugee, unanimously, computation, unanimous, debutante
27gJregime, lingerie, protege, negligee, genre
27u_efortune, lettuce, capsule, misfortune, fortuneteller
26aIsrael, Judaism, bologna, karaoke, archaism
26ue~tongue, tongue-lashing, meringue, tongue-in-cheek, tongue-tied
25oyeQunemployed, annoyed, self-employed, overjoyed, underemployed
23nxiGkXanxious, anxiously, overanxious
23oweOowe, hallowed, widowed
22ioOratio, adagio
22uayvaluable, valuables
22urerbury, burial
124aeIformulae, algae, Caesar, alumnae, aegis
119yrYrskyrocket, tyrant, gyrate, Pyrex, gyroscope
118euyUeulogy, therapeutic, euphemism, feudalism, eunuch
116aereraerosol, aerial, aerobics, aerodynamic, aerodynamics
114eur&amateur, saboteur, entrepreneur, amateurish, connoisseur
110air_eerquestionnaire, millionaire, impaired, doctrinaire, savoir-faire
18arrArbizarre, charred, tarry, barrio, starry-eyed
17eauObureau, plateau, chateau, beau, trousseau
17oirwArreservoir, memoirs, soiree, boudoir, memoir
17xgJluxury, luxurious, luxuriously, luxuriate, luxuriant
17ztsMozart, Nazi, schizophrenic, scherzo, schizophrenia
16aeEIsraeli, sundae, reggae, vertebrae, maelstrom
15eisovereignty, forfeit, sovereign, surfeit, forfeiture
14oarRcupboard, clapboard, starboard, larboard
14ui_eUjuice, sluice, bruise, cruise
13a~Barbara, forecastle, sarsaparilla
13ch~yacht, yachting, yachtsman
13euQFreud, deutschemark, Freudian
13iaYdiamond, diamonds, diaper
12aorrextraordinary, extraordinarily
12awerrdrawer, drawers
12ear_eirShakespeare, dog-eared
-15eoentrepreneurial, ensemble, rendezvous, entrepreneur, encore
-15nchGkbronchial, anchorman, anchor, bronchi, anchorage
-14yrirpyramid, lyrics, syrup, lyrical, myriad
-13eurVrneurotic, neuralgia, neurosis, neural, neurologist
-13nquGkwdelinquency, tranquility, relinquish, tranquilizer, vanquish
-13schXschlock, schnauzer, schlep, schmaltz, schwa
-11eeEentree, fiancee, matinee, divorcee, toupee
-9aiYaisle, samurai, Thai, daiquiri, bonsai
-9gnnylasagna, vignette, poignant, monsignor, chignon
-9nxGksjinx, sphinx, pharynx, larynx, phalanx
-9teCrighteousness, self-righteously, righteous, righteously, pasteurization
-9yrRsyringe, martyr, zephyr, martyrdom, labyrinth
-8auWsauerkraut, schnauzer, umlaut, Faust, luau
-8cCcello, vermicelli, concerto, cellist, concerti
-8oeIsubpoena, amoeba, phoenix, onomatopoeia, phoebe
-8uorVrfluorescent, fluorocarbon, fluoridation, fluorine, fluoride
-7aweawesome, awe, flawed, awe-stricken, awe-inspiring
-7eoluncheon, bludgeon, truncheon, curmudgeon, dudgeon
-7iehandkerchief, mischief, mischievous, mischievously, neckerchief
-6auOchauvinistic, gauche, chauvinist, chauvinism, hauteur
-6ayYpapaya, bayou, kayak, ayatollah, cayenne
-6khkkhaki, khakis, khan, Sikhism, astrakhan
-6oiwAbourgeoisie, bourgeois, coiffure, patois, sangfroid
-6scXfascist, conscientiously, crescendo, conscientious, fascism
-6zztspizza, mozzarella, mezzo-soprano, pizzicato, intermezzo
-5cchksaccharin, zucchini, bacchanalian, saccharine, Bacchus
-5eirirweird, weirdness, weirdo, weirdly, weir
-5hHuh-huh, huh, uh-uh
-5ihYannihilation, annihilate, nihilistic, nihilist, nihilism
-5orrhRgonorrhea, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, pyorrhea, hemorrhoid
-5xikXobnoxious, complexion, noxious, crucifixion, obnoxiously
-4aeeaesthetic, aesthete, aesthetics, aesthetically
-4aearchaeologist, arborvitae, archaeology, archaeological
-4dtdachshund, veld, apartheid, gesundheit
-4eoeLeonard, jeopardize, leopard, jeopardy
-4errxerography, heroically, heroics, heroic
-4errirerratic, erroneously, erroneous, erratically
-4iatimbre, meringue, ingenue, pince-nez
-4ierYrhieroglyphics, hieroglyphic, fiery, fieriness
-4nquGkconqueror, conquistador, conquistadores, conquer
-4o_eosovereignty, sovereign, doggone, omelet
-4oo_eVhooves, hooked, unlooked-for, hoofed
-4ourRcourageous, glamour, courageously, tambourine
-3anmelange, sangfroid, elan
-3cqukracquet, racquetball, lacquer
-3e_eEsuede, crepe, fete
-3eaubureaucrat, bureaucratic, bureaucratically
-3ei_eEbeige, veiled, veined
-3erEdossier, hotelier, metier
-3err&referral, deterrence, deterrent
-3eu_eUdeuce, masseuse, chartreuse
-3ewOsew, sewn, sewing
-3eyemoneyed, honeyed, hackneyed
-3iarRplagiarist, plagiarize, plagiarism
-3ier_eirbrassiere, boutonniere, premiere
-3ieuUlieutenant, lieu, adieu
-3irr&stirring, squirrel, stirrup
-3jhjunta, Navajo, jalapeno
-3nguGglanguor, languorously, languorous
-3oohUpooh, pooh-pooh
-3oywAvoyeurism, voyeur, voyeuristic
-3th~asthma, asthmatic, isthmus
-3ts~kitsch, deutschemark, kitschy
-3uhuuh, duh, uh-oh
-3uoyQbuoyancy, buoyantly, buoyant
-3vvvsavvy, civvies, divvy
-3yrrtyrannically, tyrannical, pyramidal
-3z~rendezvous, pince-nez, Czech
-2~ybouillon, jalapeno
-2U-=UU-boat, U-turn
-2X-=XX-rated, Xmas
-2aaAAfrikaans, salaam
-2aaabaa, ma'am
-2aarAraardvark, bazaar
-2au_eOtaupe, mauve
-2e_ediocese, archdiocese
-2eererne'er, ne'er-do-well
-2eieheifer, nonpareil
-2eiicounterfeiter, counterfeit
-2enrapprochement, denouement
-2eurRchauffeur, derailleur
-2eury&voyeurism, voyeur
-2euryRvoyeuristic, aneurysm
-2eweyUskewed, ewe
-2ia_ecollegiate, intercollegiate
-2jyfjord, hallelujah
-2llymantilla, tortilla
-2nghGgingham, dinghy
-2oa_eOloaves, soaked
-2oicroissant, connoisseur
-2oi_etortoise, tortoiseshell
-2oir_ewArrepertoire, moire
-2or~uncomfortable, uncomfortably
-2ps~corps, contretemps
-2thCposthumous, posthumously
-2zJazure, seizure
-2ziJbrazier, glazier

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