Rools of Inglish2

Current as of Jan. 17, 2004

The intention of this proposal is essentially the same as Inglish1 (see this link), except a greater effort has been made to use even more of the forms and patterns of standard TS. This without its indeterminate number of rules, or even any knowledge of it. Stress indicators aren't used, but stressed points can usually be determined by the suggestions under the topic you've read already, 'Phonemes' (see here). Also some representations are used for more than one sound and vice versa. These result in less loss of phonemicy compared with TS however, as they're rule defined as to function. [This proposal is similar to 'MORE', 'RITE' and 'WRE'.]

There's one rule: Excepting capitalized names, spell all words as sounded in GA per the following clarifications, using apostrophes only to link cut words: As 'I'm':




The Address:

Forscor and seven yirs ago our fothers brot forth on this contnent a nu nation, conseevd in liberty and dedicated tu the propusition that ol men ar created equal.

Now we ar engajed in a grate sival wor, testing whether that nation or eny nation so conseevd and so dedicated can long endur. We ar met on a grate batlfeeld of that wor. We hav cum tu dedicate a portion of that feeld, as a final resting plase for those hu hir gave thair lives that that nation mite liv. It is oltugether fitting and proper that we shud du this.

But in a larjer sens, we can not dedicate, we can not consucrate, we can not halo this ground. The brave men, living and ded hu strugld hir, hav consucrated it, far abuv our pur power tu ad or detract. The werld wil litl note, nor long remember, what we say hir, but it can never forget what thay did hir. It is for us the living, rather, tu be dedicated hir tu the unfinishd werk which thay hu fot hir hav thus far so nobly advansd. It is rather for us tu be hir dedicated tu the grate task remaning befor us, that from thees onnerd ded we take increesd devotion tu the cos for which thay gave the last ful mezer of devotion. That we hir hyly resolv that thees ded shal not hav dyd in vane, that this nation under God, shal hav a nu berth of freedom, and that guverment of the peepl, by the peepl, for the peepl shal not perish from the erth.

The Baze Foxes:

Dans few lite and quik baze zu foxes wer jumping long in the air over eech thin litl dog, but not with colosal room. Go look hir now at me, thankful when I shout enuf, for thay, the sly criters, joyusly foild yu agin.

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