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Portul, Loosud and Ipifuny, have several versions of each that differ only in a few spellings related to: uu, v and dh. Good, guud; undur, vndur; furthur, fvrthur, fvrdhur.

I have stopped working on Reed-Rite since I have decided I don't like the use of e in schwa positions: paded, faesez, leter. Portul is almost the same as Reed-Rite, though RR looks a little more like traditional spelling. The difference is not significant enough in my opinion to justify the added complications of RR.



By Hans Christian Andersen

A portion of the story transcribed in Ipifuny-oo

Oo represents the oo in good and food.

Meny yirz ugo, ther wuz an Empurur, hu wuz so exesivly fond uv nu cloez, that he spent ol hiz mvny in dres. He did not trvbul himself in the leest ubout hiz soeljurz; nor did he ker tu go eethur tu the theutur or the chaes, exept for the opurtoonutyz then ufordud him for displaying hiz nu cloez. He had a difurunt soot for eech our uv the day; and az uv eny vthur king or empurur, wun iz ucvstumd tu say, "he iz siting in counsul," it wuz olwaez sed uv him, "The Empurur iz siting in hiz wordroeb." Tiem past meruly in the larj toun wich wuz hiz caputul; straenjurz urievd evry day at the cort. Wun day, two roegz, coling themselvz weevurz, maed ther upiruns. Thay gaev out that thay nu how tu weev stufs uv the moest buetuful cvlurz and ilaburut paturnz, the cloez manyufacshurd frum wich shood hav the wvndurful propurty uf rimaening invizubul tu evrywun hu wuz unfit for the ofus he held, or hu wuz extrorduneruly simpul in carructur. "Theez must, indeed, be splendud cloez!" thot the Empurur. "Had I such a soot, I miet at wuns fiend out wot men in my relmz ar unfit for ther ofus, and olso be aebul tu distingwish the wiez frum the foolish! This stuf must be woevun for me imeedeutly." And he cozd larj sumz uv mvny tu be givun tu boeth the weevurz in ordur that thay miet bigin ther wurk durectly. So the two pritendud weevurz set up two loomz, and ufectud tu wurk very bizuly, tho in realuty thay did nvthing at ol. Thay askt for the moest delicut silk and the pyoorust goeld thred; poot boeth intu ther oen napsaks; and then cuntinued ther pritendud wurk at the empty loomz until laet at niet.

304 words - 280 with clear stress - 24 with unclear stress - 92% clear primary stress - Without marking schwa, there is only 75% clear primary stress.



by Washington Irving

A portion transcribed in Portul-uu by Paul Stought

A pleezing land uv drouzy hed it wuz,

Uv dreemz that waev bifor the haf-shut ie;

And uv gay casulz in the cloudz that pas,

Furevur flushing round a sumur sky.

--Casul uv Induluns.

Uu represesnts the uu in guud <good>.

In the buuzum uv wun uv thoez spaeshus coevz wich indent the eesturn shor uv the Hudsun, at that brod expanshun uv the rivur dinomunaetud by the aenchunt Duch navugaeturz the Tapun Ze*, and wer thay olwaez prooduntly shortund sael and implord the prutecshun uv St. Niculus** wen thay crost, ther liez a smol marcut toun or ruurul port, wich by sum iz cold Greenzburg*, but wich iz mor jenuruly and propurly noen by the naem uv Tarry Toun. This naem wuz givun, we ar toeld, in formur dayz, by the guud houswievz uv the ujaesunt cuntry, frum the inveturut prupensuty uv ther huzbundz tu lingur ubout the vilij tavurn on marcut dayz. Be that uz it may, I du not vouch for the fact, but mirly udvurt tu it, for the saek uv being prisies and othentic. Not far frum this vilij, purhaps ubout two mielz, ther iz a litul valy or rathur lap uv land umung hy hilz, wich iz wun uv the quiutust plaesuz in the hoel wurld. A smol bruuk gliedz thru it, with just murmur inuf tu lul wun tu ripoez; and the ucaezhunul wisul uv a quael or taping uv a wuudpekur iz olmoest the oenly sound that evur braeks in upon the uenuform tranquiluty.

*Tapun Ze - Tappan-Zee

**Greenzburg - Greensburgh

***St. Niculus - St. Nicholas

I reculect that, wen a stripling, my furst exploit in squurl-shooting wuz in a groev uv tol wolnut-treez that shaedz wun sied uv the valy. I had wondurd intu it at noontiem, wen ol naechur iz picuelyurly quiut, and wuz startuld by the ror uv my oen gun, az it broek the Sabuth stilnus uround and wuz prulongd and rivurburaetud by the angry ecoez. If evur I shuud wish for a ritreet withur I miet steel frum the wurld and its distracshunz, and dreem quiutly uway the remnunt uv a trubuld lief, I no uv nun mor promusing than this litul valy.

Frum the listlus ripoez uv the plaes, and the picuelyur carructur uv its inhabutunts, hu ar disendunts frum the urijunul Duch setulurz, this siquesturd glen haz long bin noen by the naem uv Sleepy Holo, und its rustic ladz ar cold the Sleepy Holo Boyz thruout ol the naeburing cuntry. A drouzy, dreemy influuns seemz tu hang oevur the land, and tu purvaed the very atmusfir. Sum say that the plaes wuz biwicht by a Hy Jurmun doctur, duuring the urly dayz uv the setulmunt; uthurz, that an oeld Indeun cheef, the profut or wizurd uv hiz trieb, held hiz pouwowz ther bifor the cuntry wuz discuvurd by Mastur Hendric Hudsun*. Surtun it iz, the plaes stil cuntinuez undur the sway uv sum wiching pour, that hoeldz a spel oevur the miendz uv the guud peepul, cozing them tu wok in a cuntinueul revury. Thay ar givun tu ol kiendz uv marvulus bileefs; ar subjict tu transuz und vizhunz, and freequuntly se straenj siets, and hir muezic and voisuz in the er. The hoel naeburhuud uboundz with loecul taelz, hontud spots, and twieliet soopurstishunz; starz shoot and meeteurz gler ofunur ucros the valy than in eny uthur part uv the cuntry, and the nietmer, with hur hoel nienfoeld, seemz tu maek it the faevurut seen uv hur gambulz.

*Hendric Hudsun


by Woshingtun Vrving


by Washington Irving

Small sample transcribed in Loosud-dh-v

by Paul Stought



-Dh- represents the dh in brvdhur <brother>. -V- represents the v in vndur <under> and fvrdhur <further>.

Loosud-dh-v is very easy to learn. It omits the redundant x, k and qu. In this version, v is used as both vowel and consonant. <Under> vndur. Vowel-v is always stressed. U is always unstressed except in single syllable words where stress is irrelevant. This causes the spelling to look even more unlike traditional text. V used to be used as a substitute for u in English. It is here resurrected with the added ability to indicate stress.

Hiz childrun, tu, wur az ragud and wield az if dhay bilongd tu noebudy. Hiz sun Rip, an vrchun bigotun in hiz oen liecnus, promust tu inherut dha habuts, with dhe oeld cloez uv hiz fadhur. He wuz jenuruly seen trooping liec a coelt at hiz mvdhur'z heelz, icwipt in a per uv hiz fadhur'z cast-of golugascuns1, wich he had much udu tu hoeld up with wun hand, az a fien laedy duz hur traen in bad wedhur.

golugascuns1 - galligaskins - very loose trousers.

Rip Van Wincul, howevur, wuz wun uv dhoez hapy mortulz, uv foolish, wel-oild dispuzishunz, hu taec dha wurld eezy, eet wiet bred or broun, wichevur can be got with leest thot or trvbul, and wuud radhur starv on a peny dhan wurc for a pound. If left tu himself, he wuud hav wisuld lief uway in pvrfict cuntentmunt; but hiz wief cept cuntinueuly dining in hiz irz ubout hiz iedulnus, hiz cerlusnus, and dha ruun he wuz bringing on hiz famuly. Morning, noon, and niet, hur tung wuz insesuntly going, and evrything he sed or did wuz shuur tu prudoos a torunt uv houshoeld elucwuns. Rip had but wun way uv ripliing tu ol lecchurz uv dha ciend, and dhat, by freecwunt ues, had groen intu a habut. He shrugd hiz shoeldurz, shuuc hiz hed, cast up hiz iez, but sed nvthing. Dhis, howevur, olwaez pruvoect a fresh voly frum hiz wief; so dhat he wuz faen1 tu draw of hiz forsuz, and taec tu dhe outsied uv dha hous-dhe oenly sied wich, in trooth, bilongz tu a hen-pect hvzbund.

1 wuz faen - preferred to

Rip's soel dumestic adhirunt wuz hiz dog Wulf, hu wuz az much hen-pect az hiz mastur; for Daem Van Wincul rigardud dhem az cumpanyunz in iedulnus, and eevun luuct upon Wulf with an eevul ie, az dha coz uv hiz mastur'z going so ofun ustray. Tru it iz, in ol points uv spirut bifiting an onurubul dog, he wuz az curaejus an anumul az evur scourd dha wuudz; but wot curij can withstand dhe evur-duuring and ol-biseting terurz uv a wuumun'z tung? dha moemunt Wulf enturd dha hous hiz crest fel, hiz tael dropt tu dha ground, or curld bitween hiz legz, he sneect ubout with a galoez er, casting meny a siedlong glans at Daem Van Wincul, and at dha leest flvrish uv a broomstic or laedul, he wuud run tu dha dor with yelping prisiputaeshun.

Tiemz gru wurs and wurs with Rip Van Wincul az yirz uv matrumoeny roeld on; a tart tempur nevur meloez with aej, and a sharp tung iz dhe oenly ejd tool dhat groez ceenur with constunt ues. For a long wiel he uezd tu cunsoel himself, wen drivun frum hoem, by freecwunting a ciend uv purpechuul club uv dha saejuz, fulosufurz, and vdhur iedul pvrsunijuz uv dha vilij; wich held its seshunz on a bench bifor a smol inn, dezignaetud by a roobicund portrut uv Hiz Majusty Jorj dha Thurd . Hir dhay uezd tu sit in dha shaed thru a long laezy svmur'z day, tocing listlusly oevur vilij gosup, or teling endlus sleepy storyz ubout nvthing. But it wuud hav bin wurth eny staetsmun'z mvny tu hav hurd dha prufound discushunz dhat svmtiemz tuuc plaes, wen by chans an oeld noozpaepur fel intu dher handz frum sum pasing travulur. How solumly dhay wuud lisun tu dha contents, az drold out by Deric Van Bvmul, dha scoolmastur, a dapur lvrnud litul man, hu wuz not tu be dontud by dha moest jiegantic wurd in dha dicshunery; and how saejly dhay wuud diliburaet upon pvblic ivents sum munths aftur dhay had taecun plaes.

Dhe upinyunz uv dhis jvnto wur cumpleetly cuntroeld by Niculus Vedur, a paetrearc uv dha vilij, and landlord uv dhe inn, at dha dor uv wich he tuuc hiz seet frum morning til niet, just mooving sufishuntly tu uvoid dha sun and ceep in dha shaed uv a larj tre; so dhat dha naeburz cuud tel dhe our by hiz moovmunts az acyurutly az by a sun-diel. It iz tru he wuz rerly hurd tu speec, but smoect hiz piep insesuntly. Hiz adhirunts, howevur (for evry graet man haz hiz adhirunts), pvrfictly undurstuud him, and nu how tu gadhur hiz upinyunz. Wen eny thing dhat wuz red or rilaetud displeezd him, he wuz ubzvrvd tu smoec hiz piep veumuntly; and tu send forth short, freecwunt and angry pufs; but wen pleezd, he wuud inhael dha smoec sloely and trancwuly, and imit it in liet and plasud cloudz; and svmtiemz, taecing dha piep frum hiz mouth, and leting dha fraegrunt vaepur curl ubout hiz noez, wuud graevly nod hiz hed in toecun uv pvrfict aprubaeshun.


by Paul Stought

Written in Shortrit


The following is a patchwork just to give you an idea of the appearance of Shortrit. Shortrit requires a working vocabulary for word recognition so those learning it without said vocabulary will need the long vowels and stress marked while learning pronunciation and vocabulary. Diacritics would work for this. I am not promoting Shortrit but offer it as a sample of what you get when you merge the 'long' vowels and short vowels in the spelling. I find it easy to read and spell and it doesn't look too bad either.

The librery iz a grat plas tu stimyulat ywr intrusts. Just brouzing sumtimz pruvidz nu intrusts that ma giv hundrudz uv ourz uv plezhur, wethur in the ryding or in the duing. For the craftsmun, a bwc on sundiulz iz not only intrusting ryding but stimyulats a dizir tu mac sumthing.

Yu can ryd ubout wyving but its cind uv boring unles yu plan on duing sumthing, then yu find the subject fasunating. Wyving tuchuz on meny uthur subjects. Fiburz, lumz, clothing, culur, culchur, etc. Lic the inturnet, yu dont no wer a bwc on wyving wil tac yu.

Az a rizult uv brouzing in the librery, I mad a smol Incul lum and olso lurnd hou tu mac nero strips uv cloth with a dec uv cardz, modufid bi macing them scwer and punching a hol in ych cornur. Yarn wuz past thru ych hol and yu turn the cardz in vereus waz tu prudus spesific paturnz. It wuz fun for uwil but I cwdnt figyur wot tu du with the strips uv cloth I mad.

I wunts sau a smol harp in the windo uv a myuzic stor. I thot. "I can mac sumthing lic that." That wuz the bigining uv hundrudz uv ourz lurning ubout and macing smol foc harps. In the end, I had tu stop bicoz I cwdnt se miself in a biznuz macing harps and tha ar tu big tu culect. I hav mad ubout sics harps or harp lic instrumunts. Thru thre uv them uwa (didnt turn out so gwd), sold wun, tradud wun for a dulsumur. I cant wisul a tun but I lic tu mac thingz. If yu wont tu no mor ubout foc harps, yu can find info on the net or subscrib tu the "Folk Harp Journal".

Ther ar fyu subjects wer I get intu much depth. Mostly I scim the surfus. Nuthing rong with that. I did imurs miself in a cind uv rilijus study for ubout fiftyn yirz. I lurnd ubout, medutashun, trants, hipnutizum, sicolujy, otumatic riting, wyjuh, ustrolujy, polmustry and yuzing the pendyulum tu pul infurmashun out uv the subconshus. Thingz lic that. Nou, it symz I prity much wastud mi tim but I enjoid the trip. I am riluctunt tu go intu depth on rilijus subjects az I hav senst it iz a gwd wa tu mac mor enumyz than frendz.

The librery wuz olso wer the syd wuz plantud for a liftim intrust in puputry. Ugen, I am just an armcher udvenchurur. Just a litul tu inhibutud tu join a grup but I lic tu ryd ubout bihind the synz and sucsesful pruducshunz.

Sundiulz iz unuthur hoby I found wil brouzing in the librery. I hav spent a lot uv tim studying and macing sundiulz. Yu dont hav tu get tu dyp but yu can if yu wont. Ther ar simpul diulz and complecs diulz. Ther is a "North American Sundial Society". Yu can acses them on the inturnet. In this da ther iz no practicul nyd for sundiulz but tha ar intrusting nevur-the-les.

Then ther ar, bumurangz. Did yu no yu can mac a bumurang that wil fli in a tit surcul uv ubout fiftyn fyt? Tha dont ol lvc lic the picshur syn most ofun. Yu can just glu tu pysuz uv thin wvd tugethur in the shap uv a cros and bevul the top ejuz and thro.

Wun last sugjeschun. Stireo futogrufy. I just dont undurstand wi pypul dont wont tu bothur with stireo futogrufy. The picshurz ar so much betur and yu dont yvun hav to hav wun uv thoz stireo vyurz for a lot uv picshurz. Ugen, this iz wun subject wer yu can du the yzy stuf or dig dyp. I mad a ryly stupid mustac wun tim and trid tu sho a stireo picshur tu a wun id man. Duznt wurc.

Wel, I supoz I hav ritun inuf in Shortrit tu giv yu an ideuh wot it lwcs lic in acshun. I thinc it iz yzy tu ryd and spel. Tyching it tu sumwun with no wurcing Inglish vocabyulery wil be simulur tu tyching tradishunul speling bicoz the soundz uv sum uv the voulz ar not imydeutly uparrunt.



bi Paul Stought

Ritun in Foecsriet


Foecsriet is a sound based spelling system that depends on the users vocabulary for stress placement. Two major features of Foecsriet are vowel-y and vowel-w. We are used to vowel-y but not in stressed positions. W is used similar to y in Foecsriet in that it is both consonant and vowel. There is little conflict but the initial knee jerk reaction is expected to be rejection for both the y in stressed positions and w as a vowel. They work very well though. The awkwardness indicated should be short term until familiarity sets in. I have discontinued updating of Foecsriet since I feel some of my other systems are better without being too complicated. You could spell v instead of vowel-w if you prefer. There are only a couple words where there is some minor ambiguity. <Shelves> shelvz, <solved> solvd. And you don't have the awkward ww spelling; <wood> wwd, wvd. Still unusual.

Note: 060405. I would spell guud instead of gwd or gvd at this time.

Its intrusting tu lwc bac and se hou a mienur insudunt sumtiemz groez intu sumthing larj. Sumtiemz for gwd, sumtiemz for bad, sumtiemz for boeth. Yirz ugo, mi wief noetust sum bwcs disupiring frum the shelvz uv the liebrery. Tha wur in a secshun she had bin vizuting on a ferly regyulur baesus. We found out the liebrery wuz seling bwcs for ubout fifty sents upys at Frendz uv the Liebrery bwc saelz evry munth or so at vereus loecaeshunz uround the sity. We bigan culecting bwcs. Meny tiemz we wwd cum hoem with bagz ful uv bwcs for les than the cost uv wun or tu nu bwcs.

We wur frycwunt vizuturz tu the liebrery and felt liec we had struc it rich. We cwd se ourselvz in our ritiermunt with our oen prievut liebrery cloes at hand. Be cerful wot yu pra for. We nou hav a substanchul culecshun. Tu much in fact. Wiel at a bwc sael, yu doent hav tiem tu study wethur yu wont a bwc. The furst haf our iz critucul. Yu can bet if yu la an intrusting bwc doun, it woent be ther laetur. So, yu wiend up biing a lot uv bwcs that yu wwd hav left, givun mor tiem tu maec up ywr miend. A big problum we hav iz dispoezing uv unwonted bwcs. We olwaez waet tu long tu taec the bwcs bac tu be rysoeld and forget until necst tiem and waet tu long ugen. Its hard tu bring ywrself tu thro uwa bwcs yvun wen yu no nowun els wil wont it, so the bwcs just cyp cuming in and nun going out. Boom! Ywr hous culapsuz undur the waet uv thouzundz uv bwcs.

We stil vizut the liebrery ofun but seldum go tu bwc saelz enymor. For wun thing, we hav bot ubout evrything tha hav that we ar intrustud in. For unuthur, we fiend we arunt ryding meny bwcs we hav culectud. We just go tu the liebrery tu se wots nu. Ciend uv dum huh? We du hav lots uv intrusting ryding on hand, we just liec tu fiend sumthing nu ucaezhunuly. Acshuuly therz plenty nu in our culecshun. We surtunly havnt red ol our bwcs. Maeby wyv got sum ciend uv ilnus.

Yu wwd thinc we wwd hav a litul uv evrything but we fiend our taest iz mor foecust. We hav lots uv bwcs on helth, crafts, hipnutizm, the ucult, biogrufyz, and art. But very litul uv enything els. Wun very big problum iz, hou du we fiend a bwc we wont tu ryd? Mi wief bot an Apple cumpuetur just so she cwd catulog the bwcs. We no we hav it but our hous iz tu smol tu orguniez the bwcs so we hav tu hunt. We wiend up going bac tu the liebrery to fiend a bwc we olredy hav in our bwcroom.

Nou we hav acses tu the inturnet. Hu nydz bwcs? Acshuuly, I doent liec ryding a cumpuetur scryn and meny tiemz a bwc iz betur. Espeshuly if its fre (liebrery) or on hand. So wot, sum uv it iz out uv daet? The gwd stuf livz forevur. Wunts Isaac Azimov gaev a toc ubout sum gajut that soundud hi tec. It had lots uv nies fychurz, cunvynyunt, portubul, yzy tu uez, nevur braecs, uesful to olmoest ol pypul, ful uv infurmaeshun, inecspensiv. He wuz tocing ubout a bwc.


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