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Alan Beale has gotten big!  And search engines are sending a lot of people here who may not know what they are looking for, or when they might be close to finding something unexpectedly interesting. So I'm writing this page as a guide to what I consider the high points of the site to be.  It isn't a "site map" - a lot is left out. But if nothing I mention on this page looks very interesting, I'm guessing that none of the bits I've left out would interest you either.

Except for a page of general English language links (accessible from the home page), is all about English spelling reform.  If you are unfamiliar with the idea of spelling reform, or if you tend to think of it in the same way one thinks of flat-earth geography and perpetual-motion machinery, then I suggest you start here, for my non-cranky, low-key introduction to the subject.

If you know what spelling reform is and aren't yet clicking the Back button in horror, then you may want to go the central point of, the spelling system roster.  This page has links to all the spelling systems documented on the site, as well as some described elsewhere on the Web.  It also has links to essays and other material on related subjects - in my opinion, some of the best stuff on the site. If you visit the roster, you will also discover there are a lot of links, and maybe you don't really want to visit all of them today.  So the rest of this page is going to be an outline of what I consider the "good stuff" to be.  (Much of the site is not in fact my own material - and I must apologize to those contributors whose material I choose not to mention here. "Interesting" is a subjective adjective, and if one is going to hit only the high points, then something has to be left out. I assure visitors that even the pages I leave out are worth visiting, and if you prefer to just browse without guidance, click on the roster link and have at it!)

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